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How to master investor-readiness

Investment Teaser Key2investors

How to Write the Perfect Startup Investment Teaser

Use the key2investors startup investment teaser template to convince investors with a clearly structured startup teaser deck.
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Key2investors Venture Capital Valuation

Venture Capital Valuation Method for Startups

The Venture Capital Valuation Method (VCM) is a useful valuation method for establishing the pre…

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First Chicago Valuation Method

The First Chicago Method Explained

Coming up with the right and exact valuation for your startup is difficult. It is…

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Women Meeting

How Female Founders Can Increase Success in Investor Meetings

Raising venture capital can be a difficult and frustrating experience. Even if you have a…

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Are early stage startup valuations fixed or individual? How investors like Frank Thelen see that.

I spent some days in Latvia in January 2019 on training B2B startups in an…

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Goal Review

Fundraising 101: How to Become Investor-Ready

It is easy to feel overwhelmed when you start looking for an investor for your…

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Understanding startup valuation: How to prepare for your first investor meeting

As my mother always said, It takes money to make money. But particularly for early-stage…

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Women Meeting

5 Actions for Female Founders When Raising Venture Capital

Too few female-led startups are getting investor-funded when this message kept coming up in various startup…

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Startup company valuation methods: what you need to know to make the best choice

Valuation methods for startups differ substantially from the valuation methods that established companies use, in large part because startup values are based on research and forecasts, rather than a company?s established financial trends. Choosing the most relevant valuation method for your startup can be a challenge, as each company is unique and requires methods that best represent you. So how do you choose? This brief overview will help you differentiate between a wide range of valuation methods for startups so that you can find the method that results in the best representation of your company. Achieving investor readiness for your startup starts right here.
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