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Your Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Capital

Learn more about our tailor-made platform for startup founders who want to get their first investor. We provide guidance, tools and templates to get you started quickly.

How to become investor-ready

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you start looking for an investor for your startup. There are so many websites offering advice on what to do and who to talk to. You could spend weeks reading article after article and still you wouldn’t know how to approach investors professionally and with confidence.

We’ve created key2investors to support you in the preparation process for getting investor-ready. When you follow the process steps, you can be confident that you have prepared well before you start reaching out to potential  investors.

K2i Platform Screenshots Profiling Guide
K2i Platform Screenshots Valuation Method Overview 03

A Structured Process

Our platform offers an extensive collection of articles about all the relevant topics. The structure of the content in the Guide section is the same structure you should follow to make your startup investor ready.

Start with the strategy, create a dynamic financial plan, calculate a startup valuation range and prepare documents for the negotiation phase.

Startup Valuation Calculators

Calculating a plausible startup valuation is one of the main challenges for first time fund raisers. The key2investors platform provide a set of tools that implement the most common methods for startup valuation. The combination of the content in the Guide section and the virtual:lab videos allows you to get a profound understanding of when to use which startup valuation method.

K2i Platform Screenshots Scorecard Method
K2i Platform Screenshots Teaser Deck Template

Templates & Guides

Writing a good startup investment teaser is another common challenge for startup founders. On our platform you can find a detailed guide for creating your own investment proposal – including sample sentences to give you a helpful starting point.

Start getting investor-ready

On you’ll find everything in one place. No need to read yet another startup blog about getting an investor!

  • Benefit from our structured guide based on a proven process
  • Use startup valuation calculators and our investor database
  • Create your investment teaser based on our template and guide.
  • Learn with virtual:lab videos
  • Book live Q&A sessions to get answers to all your questions

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