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Startup Tools for the Investor Process

Use proven tools and templates to get investors on board.

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Investor Readiness Check

Are you ready for investors?

Answer our standard questions to find out where you still need to improve on your preparations for investors. You get individual guidance on what to do next.

  • Questionnaire automated
  • Individual score and next steps per email

Knowledge Base

Most asked questions answered and searchable

9 categories included: financial plan, investment teaser, investment process, investor profiling, investor readiness, market potential, negotiation, outreach, valuation.

  • 90+ questions on investor readiness and the process answered
  • based on our Q&A sessions

Early-stage Startup Valuation Calculators

Calculate and defend your valuation with proven tools

Calculating a plausible startup valuation is one of the main challenges for first-time fundraisers. The key2investors platform provides a set of tools. They contain theĀ most common methods for early stage startup valuation.

  • Venture Capital Method
  • Scorecard Method

Investment Teaser Template

Get your investment teaser done with guidance and text blocks

Writing a good startup investment teaser is another common challenge for startup founders. On our platform, you can find a detailed guide for creating your own investment proposal – including sample sentences to give you a helpful starting point.

  • Investment Teaser Template
  • Example real-life teaser
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