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Tools / Investor Readiness Check

Are you ready for investors?

Use our self-assessment tool for startup founders and find out how well you are prepared for approaching investors. The checklist will guide you through the most important topics that potential investors are interested in. You’ll receive feedback on how ready you are and how to improve your investor readiness.

Free Investor Readiness Check for Startups

Use our self-assessment checklist to find out how ready you are for approaching investors!

Going through these questions before you start contacting investors will give you a good idea of the relevant topics that you need to think about.

Areas covered in the checklist are:

  • Founder team alignment
  • Target market analysis
  • Product development
  • Financial plan
  • Company valuation
  • Approaching investors

Take your time answering the questions and don’t worry if some of the terminology doesn’t make sense yet. Going through the checklist is a first step in the process of becoming investor ready!

Receive a 9-page PDF document with your individual assessment

We’ll assess each of your answers and give you concrete advice on how you can improve.

“If you were ever hunting for an expert’s bird view on whether you are well prepared, this is the place.”

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