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Investor Readiness Training

The key2investors online courses are for founders who want to understand fundraising fast. Learn about the fundraising process and get investor ready.


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What do you want to learn?

Investor Process

Start by understanding the whole investor process. Learn what you need to prepare and know before you approach investors.

Understand the investor readiness process

Start by understanding the whole investor process. Learn what you need to prepare and know before you approach investors.

  • Get the overview
  • How to start the process
  • Typical timing of a process

Investor Readiness Check

Are you ready for investors? Use the self-check for investor readiness to get your individual feedback on what still needs to be done before reaching out to investors.

  • Do the Self-Check

Draft your Investor Readiness Project Plan

So, what is missing? What needs to be done? When will you do what? Is there enough time and when should cash be on the table? User the Canvas template and do your own investor readiness project plan.

  • Do the Canvas

Valuation Calculator

Select the right valuation method for your startup and understand how your valuation and cash need fit together. Our tools let you calculate your own early-stage valuation.

Understand early-stage valuation methods

How do Cash Need and Valuation fit together? Which valuation methods are right for my stage? How do specific early-stage valuation methods work and how do I calculate valuation?

  • Company Valuation and Cash Need
  • Selecting the right valuation method
  • Valuation Methods for different stages
  • How to use early-stage valuation methods

Do the early-stage valuation

How do I select the right valuation method for my stage? How can I calculate my early-stage valuation? How do I interpret the results? Use our valuation calculation tools.

  • Valuation Method Check Tool
  • Risk Factor Summation Calculator
  • Venture Capital Method Calculator
  • How to interpret the results

Investor Profiling

Understand the different types of investors, define your profiling criteria and build your own ranked long-list of potential investors.

Understand investor types

  • Process of investor profiling
  • Investor Types by Stage
  • Which kind of investors do you need
  • Where to find investors

Includes template downloads.

How to contact Investors

Learn about the key elements of cold contacting investors. Start with our templates for email and LinkedIn and quickly build your own.

How to reach out to investors

How do I write to investors? How do I speak their language? Which messages shall be included? Use the template to create your outreach text.

  • The outreach process
  • Documents needed to prepare
  • Outreach Email
  • Use the Outreach Template

Includes template downloads.

Investment Teaser Template

Create your own investment teaser by building on the proven structure of our template. Understand all aspects important to investors and include the right data in your teaser document.

Understand the investment teaser

Why do I need an Investment Teaser? How does an Investment Teaser look like? What’s the investor language? What is a good structure?

  • Why I need an investment teaser
  • The structure
  • Telling the story in headlines
  • Real-life example CleanTech

Includes online checklists.

Create your investment teaser document

How should I got about writing the investment teaser? Understand how to use the template. Go step-by-step through the template and start creating your investment teaser. If you have doubts about the content in one chapter, use our detailed help on chapters.

  • Using the template
  • Part 1: Overview and Summaries
  • Part 2: Market and Challenges
  • Part 3: Your Services (Products) and Customers
  • Part 4: Company and Business Model
  • Part 5: Vision for Growth
  • Part 6: Financials
  • Part 7: The Founder Team

Includes template downloads.

Get Peer Feedback with our Framework

Now that I have written my investment teaser, is it good? Can people and potential investors understand it well? Can I be challenged and can someone give me structured feedback? Use our feedback possibility with a structured feedback template to collect improvement areas from your peers.

  • Get good feedback

Includes template downloads.

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