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We have developed our knowledge base on the basis of 10+ years of experience in bringing investors on board.

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About our Knowledge Base

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The key2investors knowledge base was created to provide instant answers to many questions we have heard quite often over the last years. During numerous workshops on the investor process, negotiations, or startup valuations, as well as coachings, online sessions, and process guidance we collected the frequently asked things and put the answers in our knowledgebase. Now it is accessible and continuously filled with additional questions startups have around this topic. If you want to ask your own questions and get them answered, send us a message, we are here to support and expand the collection on the go for everybody.

Have you asked yourself this?

  • We still haven’t got traction – how can we convince investors?
  • How much salary can I put in the financial plan for the founders?
  • How do I derive my revenue potential and is there public data on market sizing?
  • When can I start talking to investors?
  • How many shares should I give to an investor?
  • How to split financing round into tickets?
  • Which legal structure do I need to get an investor on board?
  • How much is an investor usually getting per financing round?
  • How can I avoid being ripped off by the investor?
  • I am single-founder, is this a problem?
  • How long does raising take?
  • When is the right time to start raising?
  • Can I do two seed rounds?
  • What is a cap table?

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  • Learn with virtual:lab videos
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