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Get Your First Investor is a platform for startup founders who want to get their first investor. We provide guidance, tools and templates to get you started quickly.

A proven process for investor-readiness

The key2investors platform is built around an structured 5-step process that takes you from defining your strategy all the way to setting up your outreach process. The five main elements are:

  1. Strategic alignment
  2. Financial planning & Cash need
  3. Startup valuation
  4. Investor profiling
  5. Contacting process

Learn with virtual:lab videos

virtual:lab videos are designed to help you quickly understand the core concepts behind the main elements of the investor-readiness process.

You can start with a high-level overview or go deep and focus on just the elements of the process that you need.

virtual:labs combine relevant knowledge with actionable best-practice recommendations and give you valuable tips and tricks.

Get individual feedback in live Q&A sessions

Join one of our regular live Q&A sessions or book your individual slot. Get feedback or ask anything you want to know about the investor-readiness process.

Calculate a valuation for your startup

Learn about the different startup valuation methods in the Guide section and confidently use the startup valuation tools to calculate a plausible valuation range for your company.

  • Scorecare Valuation tool
  • Risk Factor Summation Valuation tool + virtual:lab
  • Venture Capital Method Valuation tool + virtual:lab

Benefit from templates and guides

Prepare your own investment proposal based on the template in our teaser deck guide. Build on the outlined structure and use the suggestions for wordings to create your own tailor-made investment teaser.

Features that help founders convince investors



Learn everything you need to know about the investment process.  Understand investors’ needs and address them professionally.



We provide proven tools you can use quickly – including an extensive database for profiling investors, valuation methods and pdf-creators.



Generate a professionally looking teaser document for contacting investors. Use our templates as best-practice examples.



Get access to valuation data, benchmarks and best practices to help you get prepared and have the right arguments when discussing your startup.



Collect feedback from coworkers, advisors and experts from the industry on your preparation, argumentation and documentation to get funded.



Join us and other startups in virtual labs to exchange and improve your knowledge and preparation for your fundraising rounds.

What our users think of key2investors

Start getting investor-ready

On you’ll find everything in one place. No need to read yet another startup blog about getting an investor!

  • Benefit from our structured guide based on a proven process
  • Use startup valuation tools and our investor database
  • Create your investment teaser based on our template and guide.
  • Learn with virtual:lab videos
  • Book live Q&A sessions to get answers to all your questions

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