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Andra Bagdonaitė Associate & Program Manager Startup Wise Guys

“Always a pleasure to have you coaching our teams, Petra! Your knowledge and expertise are invaluable!” Andra Bagdonaitė, Associate & Program Manager, Startup Wise Guys

Ievgen Iosifov EnderTuring

“Hi, once again Petra! Thank you for such an energetic and in all senses absolutely excellent and highly valuable SWG QA session.” Ievgen Iosifov, EnderTuring

Victoria Gerukh, uTrigg

“I just re-watched your videos – they are fantastic! Thank you for such a structured and “templates-based” attitude! Also, lots of great insights into how an investor thinks during the Q & A sessions.” Victoria Gerukh, uTrigg

The 4 Keys to Investor-Readiness

Key2 learning

If you are a founder hungry for knowledge who wants to understand the entire fundraising process as quickly as possible, you should definitely visit our online courses.

Key2 preparation

Do you need reliable help for raising funds from investors? Use key2investor tools: our early-stage valuation calculators, the useful investor readiness check and the investment teaser template.

Key2 feedback

If you have a specific question on fundraising and investors or simply want to get feedback on your documents, join our regular online Q&A sessions. This is the best way to prepare yourself before approaching investors.

Key2 consulting

Want a professional opinion on your investment teaser? Ask our experts about financial planning, early-stage valuation, investor negotiations, and scaling. We are looking forward to talking to you!

20+ years of experience packaged for you

Petra Wolkenstein is an experienced mergers & acquisitions expert in the technology sector.

She advises start-ups and medium-sized companies on growth topics such as international market entry, partnerships, negotiations, buying or selling companies and engaging investors for about 20 years now.

Besides managing konsultori, the experts for sustainable business development, she runs the international platforms key2investors and to make start-ups investor-ready.

PetraWolkenstein_Key2investors (2)

When you try to get investors on board, you find that it is a first for you and an everyday business for them. You can learn the process the hard way, but often time is a luxury you can’t afford. That’s why we created key2investors: To provide you with knowledge, exchange with other founders and proven tools and templates to become investor-ready.

Investment Teasers
Self checks
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