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Our Vision: online platform for startups

Every founder benefits from a digital platform

Our goal is to level the playing field. We aim at bringing together first-time fund-raisers and founders who have been through the process to enable a knowledge exchange on getting access to investors. We are working towards transparency in benchmarking startup transactions in the region so that you know with confidence what a sound valuation for your startup looks like, with whom to compare and what is standard. We educate and provide a knowledge hub and tools for approaching investors professionally. All of this is available online, because every founder and investor benefits from a digital platform.


We aim at levelling the playing field for startups. This is our vision.



Are you ready for investors


This video is the third of a series of three short videos on our background story. Find out why we do our work with passion every day.



Key2investors was created to provide an excellent online platform for start-ups worldwide. Founders can get the information they need and use proven tools to get ready for investors.


Work hard from anywhere and get your first investor

With the help of key2investors, start-ups from all over the world can access the content they need to prepare for the investor process, they can work independently of time and place. The relevant knowledge is presented in small, easy units. With our video presentations, even complex content can be easily accessed and is explained in parts.


key2investors Investment Teaser Slide
Investment Teaser Key2investors

How do I write an investment teaser?

Our most popular online product is the Investment Teaser Template, which perfectly summarises the opportunity to invest in your startups. It reflects a structure that investors expect. But it would be too easy if just hitting the download button for the template was enough to match entrepreneurs with investors. The drafting of the investment teaser is the end of an intensive process. It sums it all up and key2investors helps you along the way.

And your road signs along this path are:

  • self-checks and checklists
  • the valuation calculators
  • explanation Videos
  • live Q&A sessions
  • Investor Profiling
  • the Investment Teaser Template

It is very exciting to see how the experience gained over the years, developed through workshops and training courses, as well as through collaboration with accelerators, is being packaged into a new, complete, accessible and scalable online platform. We are very proud of the positive feedback and the constantly growing and successful cooperations.



Are you ready for investors


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