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Female founders ready for investors – 100% remote!

“Who would’ve thought that we as an accelerator can prepare startups for fundraising fully remotely from home? We celebrate our first fully remotely fundraising training with Key2investors. We are proud to have trained 9 female-led startups from 5 different countries.”

With this statement, Female Founders announced the great news on LinkedIn that they were able to offer investor readiness trainings for female founder startups fully remotely. Corona crisis forced accelerators and startups to go remote. Female Founders accelerator program Grow F responded incredibly quickly: They switched to online acceleration thanks to Key2investors: Preparation to talk to investors – fully remotely.

Entrepreneurship + women = the future

Female Founders is today one of the fastest-growing communities for female entrepreneurial minds in Europe.


Are you ready for investors


With more than 4500 members and about 20 mentors, Female Founders form a large community and create the perfect atmosphere for learning and development. The vision is to change the economy and society by through female entrepreneurship.

Grow F is the Female Founders accelerator which prepares female-led ventures to shape the world of tomorrow.

Female Founders Batch ? Female Founders
Female Founders Batch Female Founders


Getting prepared for fundraising

Female Founders prepared 17 female entrepreneurs for the fundraising process. This happened in a reverse-workshop, i.e. getting to know the participants’ imminent questions and challenges and respond directly with the right sections of the workshop to work canvas-based and get some stuff done.

What exactly were the challenges?

  • Dissecting and understanding the Investor Landscape
  • Understanding the ideal investors, where to find them and how to build an investor pipe: Investor Profiling
  • Debunking the overall preparation and negotiation process with investors and clarifying which documents to prepare and how
  • Understanding and applying startup valuation methods for early-stage and pre-revenue startups with illustrative examples

Each startup went home with

  • Their own checklist to complete investor readiness
  • Their own fundraising plan with concrete next steps to contact investors
  • A short list of investors suitable for their startup
  • A first idea about the value of their startup based on different valuation methods
  • A due diligence preparation checklist

Now Female Founders startups are prepared. The material for the investor readiness workshop is available for any startup in Key2investors trainings.


Female Founders Batch #3 ? Female Founders
Female Founders 17 female entrepreneurs getting ready for investors

Congratulations to female entrepreneurs


BLAZAR – a software platform aimed at producing predictive models in oncology – Dora Sabino
IMPACTORY – Platform for social commitment – Elke Pichler
OMINI – Medical Device – Joanne Kanaan
REBEL MEAT – Food & Beverages – Cornelia Habacher & Phillip Stangl
RENOON – FashionTech – Iris Skrami
SIMPLIFY.ART – Simplify the way you document, remember and share artworks – Victoria Dejaco & Benjamin Novak
SUITAPP.ME – Apparel & Fashion – Elena Laktionova
UP’N’CHANGE – Management Consulting – Gabriele Lang & Barbara Joshua

Many thanks also to Lena Hödl and Nina Wöss of Female Founders for the excellent set-up.


Are you ready for investors


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