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Who we are in our video-portrait

Who is behind key2investors? There are some experts in the background working on creating new tools and content and running the platform smoothly for its users. Our marketing specialist Zsuzsanna Bodi has done an interview with ourselves! Read on, watch it and find out about:

Why did we decide to create and run our own platform for investor-readiness?

How does a start-up founder benefit from the digital resource?

How can founders best use all the content and tools?


This video is the first of a series of three short videos on our background story.

Key2investors was created to provide a one-stop online platform for start-ups worldwide. Startup founders can gather all the information they need, and use proven tools towards getting investor-ready.


Are you ready for investors


In the first part: key2investors founder Petra Wolkenstein

Petra Wolkenstein applied her background based on her business studies in Vienna and Barcelona to consulting telecom equipment providers and mobile phone start-ups. She started partnership networks at Cluster Consulting in Spain, landed UMTS contracts and defined the B2B product portfolio of a newly founded mobile operator. For 10 years she shaped the strategies of mobile phone operators in Eastern Europe and successfully brought investment opportunities to the boards of an international group.

Startup business development with a passion

She accompanies start-ups, entrepreneurs of medium-sized companies and the creative industries on growth issues, whether in international market entry, lead generation, new business areas, cooperation development, attracting investors or in the support of company acquisitions and sales. In doing so, she takes on different roles: Interim Management, classical expertise, process support or workshops. She founded key2investors, a platform for startups and accelerators, to prepare startups online for the investor process.

“With the key2investors platform, we basically want startups to be well-educated and knowledgeable for their first meetings with investors. For an investor, this process is a daily business. For a startup, this is a first. ”

We want this discussion to be at eye level.


Are you ready for investors


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