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Who we are: The startup experts behind key2investors


Key2investors is your virtual guide to getting ready for investors.

Behind Key2investors stands a handful of passionate business experts with years of experience in the startup ecosystem. We know what drives the various players in the economy. Startups and investors, entrepreneurs and accelerators. To succeed together, everyone needs to win something. We know what the different players in the investor process are looking for, and we’ve put this together in a single platform to share with you.

With the key2investors platform, we want to ensure that startups can enter the first conversation with investors well-educated and knowledgeable. For an investor, this process is a daily business. For a startup, it is a first. We want to do this at eye level.


key2investors Petra Wolkenstein
TU Wien Innovation Incubation Center (i²c) © anna radaschutz

Our Founder Petra Wolkenstein

Petra Wolkenstein is the founder of Key2investors and the business consultancy Konsultori. She is a certified trainer with more than 20 years of experience in fundraising and startup growth.

Her career in startup consulting and training is impressive:

Investor readiness as self-study

Petra is a top startup trainer with many years of experience. She has conducted many individual and group trainings, worked with the best accelerators. She founded key2investors to make the training accessible to everyone. Her knowledge is packaged now into

Join the group of people who have already successfully completed the key2investors journey. If you still have questions at the end of your training, contact us and book a seat in one of our regular online Q&A groups. The key is in your hands. Join now.

Key2investors provides a one-stop online platform for startups worldwide. Startup founders can gather all the information and use proven tools to get investor-ready.


Are you ready for investors?



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