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What do we do? Find out how we support you in fundraising.


Hundreds of startup documents written with great dedication end up in the investors’ paper basket, all the new business ideas with them. How can you be the exception? How can you be the one that goes into investor meetings? What is the best way to turn an investor into a business partner? How to manage your relationship from the first steps to a good deal – and finally a good collaboration over years?

Find out what we do to help you master this challenge.

If you do not have experience in raising funds, it is easy to become overwhelming and rather complex. What key2investors provides is a structured approach that you can follow.

Alex Staenke, former product manager


key2investors investor readiness training
key2investors investor readiness training


What do we offer?

We offer up-to-date knowledge, relevant data and powerful tools & templates for your capital-raising process.
On your learning platform, you find many helpful tips and inspiring content adapted to the changes in the modern business world. You will also find videos that speed up the exchange and processing of information.

Your digital guide to investor preparation 

Are you a startup founder looking for investors? We prepare you for efficient and successful fundraising with our online training, company evaluation tools and one-to-one coaching sessions.

Learn with us

  • Which documents to prepare for investors?
  • How to prepare documents for quick fundraising?
  • How do I evaluate my startup?
  • In which way do I successfully contact investors?

Get ready with us for investors and investor meetings!

Startup Tools for the Investor Process

Our tools take you from knowledge to action. Venture Capital Tool, Risk Factor Tool and Scorecard Method allow startups to learn and experiment with different scenarios. These tools enable truly personalized support.

Valuate your startup with proven calculators

We will explain to you 7 different methods how to evaluate your startup. For the main three evaluation methods, we have prepared calculation tools. These tools provide you directly with the value of your startup after filling in the basic parameters of your startup.

Early-stage valuation methods:

  • Venture Capital Method
  • Risk Factor Summation Method and
  • Score Card Method We have prepared calculation tools for the

You will learn in detail how these methods work and which inputs you have to fill in to calculate your startup value. Understanding and preparing well your startup valuation is key to convincing investors to invest.

Check your investor-readiness

We navigate you through the investor process with our self-checks. Am I on the right track? What have I achieved and what do I still have to accomplish? The key2investors Self-Check helps in every stage of the journey to finding investors. You can use it at any time to guide yourself and point the way.

We cover the following stages with our startup self-checks:

  • Alignment of the founding team
  • Target market analysis
  • Product development
  • Financial plan
  • Valuation of the company
  • Approach to investors
Create your investment teaser

After completing your journey with key2investors, you can create your investment teaser. The teaser is the implementation of your business plans and goals. This document will land on the investor’s desk, which is the first step to success. Our easy-to-use template will save you a lot of time and energy.


Get your first investors

Key2investors guides startup founders through the fundraising process. This online training is affordable and accessible from anywhere in the world. We help you focus on the most important elements that will put your start-up on the fast track!

Key2investors provides a one-stop online platform for startups worldwide. Startup founders can gather all the information and use proven tools to get investor-ready.


Are you ready for investors?


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