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About key2investors

Our Vision

The start-up ecosystem is a difficult environment. Not only is money from investors scarce, but there is also an imbalance in knowledge between investors and founders of start-ups.

When you start thinking about bringing investors on board and preparing your documents, you will realize that this is a first for you and a core business for investors. You may learn the process and how it works by trial and error and from other founders, but often time is a luxury we cannot afford.

This is why we have created key2investors: To offer you a central contact point where you can find out everything you need to know, exchange information with other founders and use proven tools to prepare the investor.

Our Team

Petra Wolkenstein © key2investors

Petra Wolkenstein

CEO at konsultori, Founder of key2investors

Petra Wolkenstein is an experienced Mergers & Acquisitions expert in the technology field. She advises start-ups and mid-sized companies on growth topics covering international market entry, partnerships, negotiations, buying or selling companies and getting investors on board. She is managing director of konsultori, the experts for sustainable business development, and runs the international platforms key2investors and to get start-ups investor-ready.

Zsuzsanna Bodi © key2investors

Zsuzsanna Bodi

Online Marketing & Social Media

After studying media and communication sciences at ELTE University in Budapest, Zsuzsanna Bódi worked for many years as a television journalist, where she was responsible for the planning and implementation of concepts for cultural programs. She continued her career in Vienna in the field of PR and marketing, specializing in social media marketing and visual storytelling.

Marko Radivojevic © key2investors

Marko Radivojevic

PHP Developer

Before he graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, he got a degree in Web development from IT Academy in Belgrade.
Marko is a Senior Full Stack Web Developer with more than seven years of experience and skills for solving problems and implementing strategies for Web development.
Finished more than 15 software projects, from websites and simple admin panels to entire web platforms.
He is here to help Konsultori make the best SaaS product on market.


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