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Learn who is behind key2investors

Why are we doing this?

The start-up ecosystem is a tough environment. Not only is money from investors scarce, it is also characterized by an imbalance of knowledge between investors and start-up founders.

As a founder this puts you at a disadvantage. When you start thinking about getting investors on board and preparing your documents, you will realize that it is a first for you and a core business for investors. You might learn about the process and how it works by trial and error and from other founders but often time is a luxury we do not have.

Our goal is to level the playing field.

  • We aim at bringing together first-time raisers and founders who have been through the process to enable knowledge exchange.
  • We are working towards transparency in benchmarking startup transactions in the region so that you know with confidence with whom to compare and what is standard.
  • We educate and provide a knowledge hub and tools for approaching investors professionally.

This is why we created key2investors: To give you a one-stop-resource where you can get everything you need to know, exchange with other founders and use proven tools towards getting investor ready.

konsultori is the Vienna-based Boutique Consultancy for Business Development working with startups, the creative industries and hidden champions. key2investors is our product for the digitalisation of the capital raising process for startups. Consulting needs to be affordable for startups and especially the capital raising process is a critical task in the early times of a company. We offer tools, data and knowledge for the capital raising process. We envisage to reduce the asymmetry of knowledge and data between investors and startups when it comes to capital raising.

Our team

Petra Wolkenstein

Petra Wolkenstein, Consulting

Sonja Hager

Sonja Hager, IT Infrastructure & Back-Office

Alexander Staenke

Alexander Staenke, Product Management

Portrait Zsuzsanna Bodi

Zsuzsanna Bódi, Office & Marketing

Our partners

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