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A Ready-Made Platform for Accelerators

Expand and scale your offerings with digital services

Combine your existing workshops with the flexibility of a modern digital platform. Easily provide digital tools, content and videos to your customers.

Go Digital with Your Accelerator

With the key2investors platform you can quickly offer a tailor made digital learning experience for your startups. Thereby offering your startups a flexibel online platform which allows them to learn at any time, at their own pace and from any location.

Combine your in-person workshops with the in-depth content, video lectures and easy to use valuation tools of the key2investors platform.

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Investor-readiness of startups?

While accelerators do great work at fine-tuning products and strategy as well as building pitching competence with the startups they are working with, their ultimate goal is to support them in achieving a minimum level of revenue. This is the prerequisite to acquiring their first investor after the program.

We got curious about how well startups are prepared these days before they start approaching investors. Are they investor-ready?


What needs to be done to raise their chances of getting into meetings with potential investors? How can accelerators support startups individually, maintain high standards and achieve all this with minimum budget?

This whitepaper covers the results of our 2019 investor-readiness study and shows recommendations to close the gaps and help startups get their funding.


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Checklists, Templates, Tools and Videos

Use checklists to allow founders easy self-assessments, provide templates and guides for your startups, explain important concepts in video lessons and use the tools on the platform for calculating valuations.

Having these resources on a digital platform not only frees up resources in your organization but also allows you to serve more startups at a lower cost.

Stay flexible: Scale up or down.

You can start small and scale up or down your offerings as needed. Adding content, templates or tools is easy to do and allows you to customize the platform to your specific needs.

Our pricing and licensing models will accommodate all your requirements: From per user pricing to an everything included flat rate model. Chose the licensing model that best fits your business.

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MIT report on accelerators

MIT and ANDE report in their study that accelerators do not meet investors’ and startups’ expectation when it comes to preparing for investors or improving deal sourcing and associated costs. We have summarized the recent report and show what can be done about it. Read on how accelerators can ramp-up their investor-readiness education towards startups and help investors source the right candidates. Accelerator fail on investor-readiness.

Go Digital with the key2investors Platform

The platform is the perfect solution for accelerators:

  • Founders can learn anytime, anywhere and at their own pace
  • Platform users benefit from a structured guide based on a proven process
  • Let users put theory into practice with valuation tools
  • Templates and guides to support startups in creating professional  investment proposals
  • Modern online learning with virtual:lab videos
  • Allow startups to book live Q&A sessions with your experts

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Insights for Accelerators and Investors on Investor-Readiness


Accelerator fail: MIT reports that accelerators have not been meeting investors’ expectations

Leading experts in the field of business have recently reported that accelerators have not been performing to the expectations set by both startups and investors. While this announcement comes as a blow to offline and digital, we have distilled the salient points of the report here to outline how success accelerators can respond and once again garner respect from entrepreneurs on both sides of the startup equation.
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