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Key2Investors and how to bring your accelerator online


“If you manage a large volume of startups and there´s lots of activity, you might want to look into purchasing an online solution for distance learning and communication, e.g. Key2investors.”

Thank you very much for mentioning us in the Jumpstart article “How to bring your accelerator online”, dear Zane Bojare from Startup Wise Guys!

Jumpstart is a brilliant print magazine for ambitious entrepreneurs. It covers a wide range of topics related to business start-ups, entrepreneurship, and technology. The “Lockdown Issue” focuses on the challenges and solutions of the COVID -19 crisis so it is really something worth reading. Some main titles of the magazine:

  • Opportunities for Retail and Logistics in the COVID-19 Era
  • What Academic Pursuits mean during the Pandemic
  • Making sense of Covid-19
  • An Electrifying Approach to Healthtech
  • Building a recession-proof Sart-up
  • American Life during Covid-19
  • How to bring you accelerator online
  • Attaining virtual perfection

You can also find all the content online here, just click on the picture:


Key2investors in Jumpstart
Person Holding White Tablet Computer via bongkarn thanyakij
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