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How to convince investors

Understand why your startup is worth investing in, then simply explain this well to investors!
Yes, that’s great advice from Paul Graham. But how exactly do you do that?


Accelerator fail: MIT reports that accelerators have not been meeting investors’ expectations

Leading experts in the field of business have recently reported that accelerators have not been performing to the expectations set by both startups and investors. While this announcement comes as a blow to offline and digital, we have distilled the salient points of the report here to outline how success accelerators can respond and once again garner respect from entrepreneurs on both sides of the startup equation. The math shows us why investors are disappointed: the average investor fund allocates 63% of its budget to methods involved in deal sourcing alone. Imagine how much of this funding could be re-allocated to startups themselves, if success accelerators would simply streamline a few key aspects of their business practices! Keep reading for more details on MIT and ANDE’s concerns and key methods accelerators can engage, in order to provide more efficient services to investors and startups alike.

How to Write the Perfect Startup Investment Teaser

The short answer? By putting in the effort and preparing well. Sorry if we just spoiled all the fun and excitement, but our experience has…

Venture Capital Method Calculation tool

Venture Capital Valuation Method for Startups

What is the Venture Capital Valuation Method? The Venture Capital Valuation Method (VCM) is a useful valuation method for establishing the pre money valuation of…

The First Chicago Method Explained

Coming up with the “right” and “exact” valuation for your startup is difficult. It is in the nature of startups that their future is not…

women meeting

How Female Founders Can Increase Success in Investor Meetings

Raising venture capital can be a difficult and frustrating experience. Even if you have a great business idea, pitching to important investors can be a…

white spring notebook

Are early stage startup valuations fixed or individual? How investors like Frank Thelen see that.

I spent some days in Latvia in January 2019 on training B2B startups in an accelerator about negotiation tactics. There were some questions coming up…

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