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The Investment Proposal

A great teaser document explains the investment opportunity in a structure reflecting investors’ needs. It is concise and covers all relevant aspects of your business.

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Attractive investors get on average 250+ investment proposals per month. More than 95% of these proposals are rejected. Don’t let this number scare you off, instead learn from it how important it is to prepare well before you start approaching investors.

Our template guide is based on a proven structure which ensures that you’ll cover all the relevant topics and include all the essential information for investors.

Each section is briefly explained and includes template texts to help you to get started quickly for your own investment proposal teaser deck!

Ready to use template for a professional investment proposal

Use a structure investors like

A classic pitch-deck is for presentation-mode. An investment proposal in the form of a teaser deck is for reading-mode.

When making your first impression via email, it is recommended to use this format because it follows a data-centered and proof-oriented style along the main chapters investors are looking into.

Our teaser deck template covers all essential topics that are relevant for investors: Markets & challenges, product and track record, company and team, vision for growth and financials and the investment opportunity.

Based on the information you provide to the investors they can decide whether they would like to invite you for a first meeting and  discuss the investment opportunity further.

Get your template

Investment Teaser Creation

Communicating the right messages in a condensed and short manner is the key to getting funded.

Use our teaser creation guide and the templates to write your own investment proposal teaser deck.

Sign up now for the free 7-day trial and get your guide (PDF) via email today!

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