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The Investment Proposal

A great investment teaser document explains the investment opportunity in a structure reflecting investors’ needs. It is concise and covers all relevant aspects of your business.

Investment Teaser Header2


Use a proven structure with a word template and sample texts and good headline structures to create your own investment teaser!

Real-Life example

Real-world investment teaser example to show you how successful teasers look like.

Final check

Complete your own investment teaser. Get individual coaching from experts or do the investor-readiness self-check.

Writing tips

Understand all aspects important to investors concerning structure and language. Detailed Writing Tips for your Investment Teaser.

True guide

Detailed help on the difficult chapters with Deep Dive content.


Collect Peer Review Feedback with a proven feedback framework developed and used by us. Use our Upload and Collect function to gather all in one place.

Startup Investment Teaser Template

Attractive investors get on average 250+ investment proposals per month and more than 95% of these proposals are rejected. Don’t let this number scare you off, instead learn from it how important it is to prepare well before you start approaching investors.
Our startup investment teaser template is based on a proven structure which ensures that you’ll cover all the relevant topics and include all the essential information for investors.

Each template section is briefly explained in the guide and also includes sample text to get started quickly on your own investment teaser deck!

Pitch Deck vs. Investment Teaser

A classic pitch-deck is for presentation-mode. An investment proposal in the form of a teaser deck is for reading-mode.

When making your first impression via email, it is recommended to use this format because it follows a data-centred and proof-oriented style along with the main chapters investors are looking into.

Our teaser deck template covers all essential topics of the fundraising process: Markets & challenges, product and track record, company and team, vision for growth and financials and the investment opportunity.

Get investor-ready

On you’ll find everything in one place. No need to read yet another startup blog about getting an investor!

  • Benefit from our structured guide based on a proven process
  • Use valuation tools and our investor database
  • Create your investment proposal based on our template and guide.
  • Learn with virtual:lab videos
  • Book live Q&A sessions to get answers to all your questions

What our users think about key2investors


Incredible Bootcamp thanks to Startup Wise Guys! Now, entrepreneurs are more ready to scale their businesses and expand their startups to other countries.

3 Important Things that they learned:
– Lead generation strategies.
– Key Resources that every entrepreneur should have to scale.
– Pitching!

3 Takeaways:
– Think global at the beginning.
– You don’t need to leave your comfort zone but you have to expand your comfort zone.
– Create your all strategies before going global.

Pietro Lanzarini LinkedIn

TRAXIT graduates from SWG OPA!
With great honor and pleasure we received our Graduation Diploma from
Startup Wise Guys Online Pre Accelerator.
Big thanks to all SWG Team, and in particular Cristobal Alonso, Andrea Orlando, Asta Vasiliauskaite, Marta Madara Dundure, Karina Lapina, Andra Bagdonaitė and all
supporting and external Mentors for the highly valuable insights on Pitching, Company Values
and Purpose, Sales and Financials.
In particular Paola Gariglio, Juan Carlos Martinez Barrio, Petra Wolkenstein and Patrick Collins, among the others. We loved being there and being pushed to the limits! It was a rich and productive program. We also want to thank all our fellow startups founders, for the warm and encouraging atmosphere:
TourMyTable, OPERA, Voicemed, LokitTech, GOGOBeach, Tayra, Veraison Technologies, IntelliHearts, Shipping to go, Bryla, Non-zone.
We are now getting ready for a great new year. We will keep you posted!

Pietro Lanzarini
Ceo & CoFounder, Traxit

Andra Bagdonaite LinkedIn

It was great having you here Petra, thank you for all the support for the founders!

Andra Bagdonaitė
Associate & Program Manager, Startup Wise Guys

Ievgen Iosifov LinkedIn

“Hi, once again Petra 🙂 Thank you for such an energetic and in all senses absolutely excellent and highly valuable SWG QA session. ”

Ievgen Iosifov

Daniil Filin LinkedIn

“Hello Petra!

Thank you so very much for the SWG Q & A session.

That was hilarious!”

Daniil Filin
Co-Founder Progoolka

Startup Wise Guys Logo Copyright Startup Wise Guys

(…) As one of the participants – Eric from Recovery Companion put it: “The program was an invaluable resource of information for our startup, empowering us to understand all facets of the startup journey and giving us the opportunity to pitch Recovery Companion to a diverse and engaged audience. We are extremely grateful for being included in the program and more importantly, for creating new friendships with our startup peers and the Wise Guys team.”

Big thanks to our mentors: Patrick Collins, Petra Wolkenstein, Mario Krivokapic, Forian Kendler, Oscar Sanjuán Martínez, Jasmina Popovska and the SWG alumni & team.


Startup Wise Guys
Online Accelerator


Rodion Salnik

Petra did one of the best workshops when we were participating in the Startup Wise Guys program. She is an expert in negotiations. Her help and suggestions in terms of our company strategy were extremely valuable. Thank you!

Rodion Salnik
Co-founder of Casers

Oliver Sögel Profile Picture

We really appreciate the great help and tips we received during Investor Dynamics training.  The valuable feedback and hands-on approach, gave us a clear picture, what activities are most important for us and how to execute them!

Oliver Sögel
Co-Founder Consorto
Marketplace for Commercial Real Estate in Europe

Victoria Gerukh Profile Picture

I just re-watched your videos – they are fantastic! Thank you so much for such a structured and “templates-based” attitude! Also lots of great insight about how an investor thinks during the Q&A sessions.

Victoria Gerukh
CEO uTrigg

Nikiara Pumambietova

Thank you very much for your time and valuable insights!

Nikiara Purmambietova
Chief Product Manager itsBeat

Alona Belinska

Thank you, Petra, for great insights on investor relations topic!

Alona Belinska
Online Pre-accelerator Program Manager Startup Wise Guys

Guillaume Boulbes

Really good! The virtual_lab was very informative with a lot of useful things to make a better approach to investors.

Guillaume Boulbes
Technology Officer

Alexander Svejkovsky

Petra helped us in structuring the key message and all relating documents for finding venture capital for a newly founded start-up in the field of green chemicals. She also provided us with contacts and venture opportunities for our mission. We totally appreciated her very experienced, well-skilled but still hands-on way of working with us. Petra is perfectly capable of sensing what her customers really need. We really learnt a lot! Thank you, Petra.

Alexander Svejkovsky
CFO AIT  Austrian Institute of Technology

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