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Startup Valuation Methods

Find out which valuation method is best for your startup. Use our valuation method checklist to help you decide which valuation method is right for your fundraising situation.

How to find the best startup valuation method

The value of your company depends on a number of parameters. For example: The reason why the valuation is done and the expectation of the person or company who associates a value to your startup. Additionally you also need to consider supply and demand, the typical market forces that define the price of your startup.

When you are talking to investors during your fundraising process, you need a basic idea of the valuation of your startup. Depending on your specific circumstances, one or the other valuation method tool is more suitable for your case. There is no perfect solution for choosing the best method to calculate the value of your startup, but there is a best-practice process: Use multiple methods and calculate a valuation range.

K2i Platform Valuation Method Checklist
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Common valuation methods

Using multiple startup valuation methods during preparation will also help you in the negotiation process because it will give you a more robust understanding of the valuation process and the underlying assumptions you make.

Startup Valuation Calculators

On our platform we provide a set of tools that implement the different methods. The tools allow you to calculate a valuation range for your startup.

You can learn more about the different methods in the Guide section Company Valuation and Cash Need on the key2investors platform where we cover these key points:

  • Understand how different valuation methods work
  • Being able to select the right evaluation method
  • Researching benchmark data for valuation
  • Understanding results and doing sanity checks
K2i Platform Screenshots Scorecard Method
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Calculate a valuation for your startup

Learn about the different valuation techniques for fundraisers in our virtual:lab videos. Confidently use the valuation tools to calculate a plausible valuation range for your startup:

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Start getting investor-ready

On you’ll find everything in one place. No need to read yet another startup blog about getting an investor!

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