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Tools / Investor Profiling

Find your potential investors

Addressing the right investors is key. We provide a database full of profiled investors which you can use to  create a list of 30-40 suitable investors for your start-up.

Use our investor database

Apart from generating cash for your start-up, investors and business angels can also add valuable expertise to your company. Knowing what to look for in an investor is a key step in the fundraising process. Try to identify the areas where you would profit most from additional skills and network contacts.

The selection and profiling criteria for potential investor boil down to:

  1. Industry experience
  2. Network contacts
  3. Capital availability
  4. Investing pattern (at the stage of start-up I am in?)
  5. Geographic region
  6. Type of investor, i.e. business angel, venture capitalist, strategic investor,…

We have done research for startups on the individual landscapes and we share our repository. Filter by stage, regional and industry focus, where the investors are located or investor type to build your own list.

Filter and select to build your individual target investor list

You can filter by various dimensions to build your own list of potential Business Angels, VCs, corporate VCs in different locations to cover for the networks you want them to bring in via smart money. The result is yours.

What's included

  • 1,800 profiled investors
  • from Business Angels to VCs, Corporate VCs
  • across funding rounds Seed to Series B
  • main focus on Europe, includes selected investors from the US and China
  • geographic, industry, stage focus and website
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