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Startup Marketing Resources
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Startup Marketing Resources

How to create a good marketing strategy for your startup

Creating a good marketing strategy for your startup is an important part of making your startup successful. To make it easier for you to do so we have created a list of useful resources that help you get started.

Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Design

These two resources have become the standard tools for thinking about business models and value propositions. If you have never heard of them before (which we strongly doubt) we strongly recommend to buy these books and read them!

  1. The Business Model Canvas  (Strategyzer)
  2. The Value Proposition Canvas book or online course (Strategyzer)
  3. Short video introduction to the value proposition canvas.
  4. Best Practices for Value Proposition Canvas – 1h Webinar recording from Alex Osterwalder on the Strategyzer blog.

Create a Marketing Strategy

  1. How To Develop A Successful Marketing Strategy For A Startup (Forbes)
  2. Pricing: The Sequoia Guide to Pricing (Squoia  Capital)
  3. 6 Marketing Strategies to Make Your Startup a Raging Success (Neil Patel)
  4. Customer Acquisition Cost – CAC (Kissmetrics blog)


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