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Resources For Becoming Investor-Ready
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Resources for becoming Investor-Ready

In this post you’ll find a list of resources about marketing, fundraising and other topics founders and entrepreneurs should know about when they want to become investor ready.

Marketing and expanding to new markets

  1. Introduction to Marketing – this might be interesting for you if you are a tech founder and haven’t thought about marketing much until now. Self-paced e-learning course on from the University of British Columbia.
  2. How to choose the right markets when you are expanding – article in by Rob Moffat

Fundraising and Investors

“Understand why your startup is worth investing in, then simply explain this well to investors.” – P.G.

Startup Blogs

  1. Both Sides of the Table


  1. The Entrepreneur Toolkit by rev1ventures. Offers resources for “Your Product”, “Your Market”, “Your Business”, “Your Team” and “Your Capital Plan”.


If you know more good resources that we should add here please do contact us!


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