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Fundraising: fast and professional with Key2investors

Who we are

Are you a startup founder and looking for investors?

We prepare you for efficient and successful fund raising with our online trainings, company evaluation tools and one-to-one coaching sessions.

Learn with us

  • Which documents to prepare for investors
  • How to prepare documents to raise funds quickly
  • How to evaluate your startup and
  • How to contact investors successfully.

Get ready with us for investors and you will raise funds soon.

Our Founder Petra Wolkenstein

Petra Wolkenstein: the driving force of Key2investors

Petra Wolkenstein is founder of Key2investors and thebusiness consultancy Konsultori. Petra is entrepreneur and certified trainer with more than 20 years experience in raising funds and pushing startups for growth.

Her career in M&A and startup consultancy is impressive:

  • 6 years M&A consultant for the telecom industry in Eastern Europe.
  • 8 years advisor for startups on A round fund raising and growth acceleration topics.
  • Since 2016 trainer for the Vienna Business Agency’s later-stage programme, with excellent feedback
  • Trainer for early-stage companies and their business models in digital and creative industries.
  • Negotiator and investor trainer for AgroInnovation Lab, Startup Wise Guys, Female Founders, Crowdfunders’ Hub, several university programmes and local economic development agencies.
  • Advisor and trainer of more than 250 startups on growth and investor topics
  • Trainer for Harvard and Yale negotiation workshops
  • Founder of the business consultancy Konsultori with 10 years successful track record
  • Founder of Key2investors
Petra’s goal: to connect startups and investors

Petra’s goal is to connect startups and investors. With Key2investors, Petra guides startup founders through the fundraising process. Key2investors online trainings are accessible from anywhere in the world. Petra shares valuable knowledge. Trainings are targeted and startups learn fast. Key2investors enables startup founders to raise successfully funds with investors.

“With our Key2investors online trainings, we want to achieve that startups are perfectly prepared for meetings with investors. For startups, successful meetings with investors guarantee their survival, continuity, growth and success. Through professionel education and knowledge transfer we educate startup founders to negotiate with investors at eye level.”

Petra Wolkenstein, founder of Key2investors

The challenge: How to convince investors

Hundreds of startup documents end up in investors’ garbage every day. And with them their financing rounds.

How can you do better? How can you convince investors about the value of your business? How will you manage to turn investors into your business partners? How will you build and nourish investor relationships – from first meetings to a good deal and to a successful cooperation during the years ahead?

Key2investors has the answer: Petra Wolkenstein guides you through the fundraising process. She explains how startup founders get ready for investors, which documents they have to prepare, how documents should look like to convince investors, how to calculate the value of your startup and finally how to approach investors.

Once you have gone through Key2investors training material, videos, presentations, tools and summaries, then you and your startup will be at eye level with investors.

Find out how we help startups to get ready for investors.

What we offer

We offer up-to-date knowledge, relevant templates and examples for investor documents, powerful startup evaluation tools and efficient advises for the fund raising process of startups.

You will quickly be at eye level with investors through our investor readiness training, evaluation tools and coaching sessions.

Calculate your startup value with our evaluation tools and templates

Valuate your startup with three early-stage valuation tools

We will explain you 7 different methods how to evaluate your startup. For the main three evaluation methods, we have prepared calculation tools. These tools provide you directly the value of your startup after filling in basic parameters of your startup.

We have prepared evaluation tools for the following startup valuation methods, all of them early-stage valuation methods:

  • Venture Capital Method
  • Risk Factor Summation Method and
  • Score Card Method We have prepared calculation tools for the

You will learn in detail how these methods work and which inputs you have to fill in to calculate your startup value.

Understanding and preparing well your startup valuation is key to convince investors to invest.

Speed up fund raising with our investment teaser template

Key2investors explains you in detail investor documents: which type of documents, their content and document examples in form of easy-to-fill-in templates. A relevant document is the investment teaser which provides an overview of the startup, its value proposition and most relevant investor information.

Our easy-to-use investment teaser template will save you a lot of time in fundraising. Relevant structure and text elements will help you to write by yourself a powerful 2-page investment teaser.

We navigate you through the investor process with our self-checks

Am I on the right track? What do I already have achieved? Am I finally ready to contact investors? What do I still need to do to convince investors? Our Key2investors self-checks guide you through each stage of fundraising process:

We cover the following stages with our Key2investors self-checks:

  • Alignment of the founding team
  • Target market analysis
  • Product development
  • Financial plan
  • Valuation of the company
  • Approach to investors
Online feedback and one-to-one coaching sessions

Finally, we provide feedback in our online feedback sessions and you can also book in addition one-to-one online coaching sessions.

Convinced? Then start our training and get ready for investors.

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