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Our mission? Online investor-readiness training for every startup

Who we are

Key2investors was born out of a passion for startups. Behind the scenes, dedicated business experts are working to develop new tools and content to make the platform run smoothly for its users. We thrive to make investor-readiness for startups better.

What drives us to create and run an investor readiness platform?

The driving force: Petra Wolkenstein

Anyone interested in business and new ideas since childhood is inevitably drawn to the world of start-ups. That was also the case for Petra Wolkenstein, who, after founding her business consultancy, became intensively engaged in the topic of entrepreneurship. She has collected and summarised her experience in an independent online platform. Let’s look at her career in a nutshell:

  • 6 years of Mergers & Acquisitions in the telecom industry in Eastern Europe.
  • 8 years of start-up consulting on seed-series A rounds and growth acceleration topics.
  • Trained for the Vienna Business Agency’s later-stage programme, which has been running successfully since 2016 with excellent feedback
  • Trains early-stage batches for business models in the digital and creative industries.
  • Negotiation and investor trainer for AgroInnovation Lab, Startup Wise Guys, Female Founders, Crowdfunders’ Hub, several university programmes and local economic development agencies.
  • Has advised over 90 startups and trained over 250 startups in Europe on growth and investor topics
  • Harvard and Yale negotiation training education
  • Operates the key2investors platform
Startups and Investors: Bringing businesses to eye level

Petra’s goal was to provide an online platform, especially for start-ups that have difficulty accessing investors. Key2investors is self-managed and accessible from anywhere in the world. It shares valuable knowledge, is targeted and super fast. It is designed to allow everyone to prepare professionally for a meeting with an investor.

“With the key2investors platform, we want to achieve that startups go into the first meetings with investors – well educated and knowledgeable. For an investor, this process is a day-to-day business. For a startup, it is a first. We want this conversation to take place at eye level.”

Petra Wolkenstein, founder of key2investors

Our work

It was hard to realise: Hundreds of startup documents end up in investors’ waste paper baskets every day. And with them the financing of businesses. How can you be the one who goes into investor meetings well prepared? How do you turn a startup investor into a business partner and manage the relationship from the first steps to a good deal and finally to a cooperation for years?

We are part of a change. Key2investors is a one-stop online platform for startups around the world. Founders can gather all the information they need here and use proven tools to get ready for investors. Find out what we do to help startups overcome the challenge of investor readiness.

What do we offer?

We offer up-to-date knowledge, relevant data and powerful tools and templates for the capital raising process of startups. In our pages, you will find helpful frameworks and guides, explanations of how things work and checklists for preparation. You’ll also see videos that quickly summarise tips and tricks, explain methods and give examples to help you prepare faster.

Our training & tools take you from knowledge to action

Startup Valuation Calculators

The Venture Capital Method Tool, the Risk Factor Summation Method Tool and the Score Card Method Tool are early-stage valuation calculators. They allow startups to experiment with different assumptions and scenarios. You can understand the factors behind your early-stage valuation and prepare the best argument.

Speed up with the key2investors Investment Teaser Template

The knowledge and experience you have gained on the key2investors platform will ultimately be needed when you write your investment teaser. That will land on the investor’s desk, and this document is the realisation of your plans and goals. Our easy-to-use template will save you a lot of time and energy in the future, as you will have text elements to help you write a concise and easy-to-understand 2-pager.

Key2investors helps you navigate through the investor process

Am I on the right track? What have I achieved? What do I still need to do to get an investor on board? The key2investors Self-Checks help you at every stage of finding an investor.

Key2investors Self-Checks:
  • Alignment of the founding team
  • Target market analysis
  • Product development
  • Financial plan
  • Valuation of the company
  • Approach to investors
Q & A and Feedback

We also provide feedback in our regular online sessions and one-on-one online coaching. Why not let us speed up your work? Key2investors offers a structured approach that you can follow.

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