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The new

virtual:lab Series

A new video series for founders who want to quickly understand all the elements of the 5-step investor-readiness process.

Start with a high-level overview or go deep and pick just the elements of the process that you need.

Combine relevant knowledge with actionable best-practice recommendations to convince investors that your startup is worth investing in.

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Convince Investors

Being able to explain well why an investor should invest money in your startup is a key requirement for you as a founder. Especially for first-time raisers this is often a challenge.

Go from understanding to doing

virtual::labs are designed to guide you through the investor-readiness process. Each lab focuses on one particular topic and helps you to plan your next steps accordingly.

Avoid common mistakes

In addition to the subject-specific content there are also best-practice recommendations and tips & tricks. This will save you time and avoid common pitfalls.

Available virtual::labs

Get your startup investor – ready

Perfect for getting an overview of the whole investor-readiness process

In this virtual_lab we present and explain a structured process that guides you through all the necessary steps to make your company investor-ready.

Learn what documents you need to prepare, how the different topics relate to each other, where you should start and how long the individual steps and the overall process will take.


  • Strategic alignment (market, product, team)
  • Financial planning & Cash need (scenarios, cash need, KPIs)
  • Company valuation (benchmarks, methods, share)
  • Investor profiling (search profile, ranking, details)
  • Contacting process (timeline, documents, KPIs)

Limited time offer until end of year: Only € 49
Live Q&A session included with every virtual_lab!
14-days full access to the platform

Startup Funding: Where to start and what to prepare

Ideal for founders who are ready for action and want to get started with their preparation

With this virtual_lab we focus on the funding process. Where should you start, what kinds of investors are there, how do you find the right one and which documents do you need to prepare in advance so you are ready for every phase of the investor negotiations.


  • Where to start the funding process
  • What does the overall funding process look like
  • Types of investors (Angel, VC, Corporate VC, …)
  • How to find the right investor (how to profile investors)
  • Which documents you need to prepare (from financial plan to investment teaser)
  • The contacting process and the outreach phase

Limited time offer until end of year: Only € 49
Live Q&A session included with every virtual_lab!
14-days full access to the platform

The Venture Capital Method in practice

Learn when and how to use the venture capital method for calculating a valuation for your start-up.

Get a deeper understanding of  valuation methods in general and the venture capital method in particular with this virtual_lab.

  • Overview of different valuation methods
  • Why the valuation of a startup is different
  • The Venture Capital Method in detail
  • Necessary inputs and parameters for VCM
  • Using the tool on the platform
  • Understanding and using the results

Limited time offer until end of year: Only € 49
Live Q&A session included with every virtual_lab!
14-days full access to the platform

Your take aways

You’ll have a clear understanding of each topic. This will help you to prioritize your work-load and develop a clear understanding of the next steps.

You’ll get valuable inputs, ready-to-use templates and guides.

Use our checklists to quickly assess where you stand.

Feedback from and exchange with your peers (other startups looking for investors) and experts in our Slack Community

Your benefits

The videos are tightly integrated with the content on the platform which makes reading up on the details super easy.

Full access to all the content on the platform for 14-days included with every virtual_lab.

 Live Q&A session included with every virtual_lab: We hold regular live Q&A sessions about once a month and we invite you to join one of the sessions. Ask anything you want to know!

All the relevant topics

From an overview of the whole process to a deep-dive on specific topics:  The labs cover all the topics from the 5-step investor-readiness process:

  1. Strategic alignment (market, product, team)
  2. Financial planning & Cash need (scenarios, cash need, KPIs)
  3. Company valuation (benchmarks, methods, share)
  4. Investor profiling (search profile, ranking, details)
  5. Contacting process (timeline, documents, KPIs)

Checklists and self-assessments

We’ve created short checklists that allow you an easy assessment of where you are on a certain topic. For example: Have you done a traget market analysis? Do you have an aligned exit strategy in your founder team? What other financing options have you explored?

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