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Fundraising Guide

The Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Capital

Use our step-by-step guide to go through the process of becoming investor ready. Define your strategies for market, team and product. Create a financial plan and calculate a reliable valuation range for your startup.

How to become investor ready

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you start looking for an investor for your startup. There are so many websites offering advice on what to do and who to talk to. You could spend weeks reading article after article and still you wouldn’t know how to approach investors professionally and with confidence.

key2investors supports you in the preparation process so you can be confident that you have prepared professionally before you approach investors.

From Strategy to Investment Teaser

Ultimately you’ll need to create the investment proposal (or teaser deck) for your company that you are going to send out to the investors. This document will be the essence of what makes your startup worth investing in.

  • In our step-by-step guide  you’ll find in-depth information and specific instructions that help you to think about, define and create the necessary things to become ready for approaching investors.
  • Use our tools to calculate valuation ranges
  • Search for suitable investors in our database.

Follow the guide to create your investment teaser document based on our investment proposal template.

The 5 steps to investor readiness

Below is an overview of the  topics that you need to master. Follow the steps in our framework and we’ll guide you trough the journey of making your start-up investor ready!

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virtual_labs are a video series for founders who want to quickly understand all the elements of the 5-step investor-readiness process.

From process overview to valuation deep-dive – learn how to convince investors.

1. Strategy for Market, Team and Product

How well can you answer strategic questions?

What is your market position and how will you protect it? How are you going to enter your target markets? Can you explain how your product will evolve? What about your past traction? Can you talk about resource planning and your founder team?

Find best practice examples on these strategic questions and much more in our guide for investor readiness.

2. Convincing Financial Plan

Does your financial plan convince investors?

Your Financial Plan explains your way forward in numbers. Investors are interested foremost in your financial plan because this is where they can make or lose money with your startup. That’s why your Financial Plan must be really convincing and solid!

Sign up for our free email course to learn more about peak cash need, scenarios, assumptions, benchmarks and how to create a convincing financial plan!

3. Cash Need and Startup Valuation

Can you explain how you got the valuation for your startup?

There are many valuation methodologies out there that can be used to come up with a value for your startup. It is important for you to understand them properly so you use them in the right way. With a a well-argued valuation you will impress potential investors!

Learn more about which valuation method to choose, what data to collect and how to explain results.

4. Approaching Investors

How do you find the right investor for your startup?

Learn how to define good investor profiling criteria. Manage the process of approaching investors well so that you are not caught by dynamics.

  • Which documents do you need to prepare and how should they be structured?
  • When should you send out which documents?
  • How can you make decisions for investors easy?
  • Which criteria are important for you to select investors you want to approach?

Approach investors professionally and exceed their expectations.

5. Preparing Investor Negotiations

How do you manage dynamics in negotiations and achieve best results?

Talking with investors can be hard at the beginning. You might feel surprised by the questions they ask and the dynamics that often arise in negotiations.

The better you are prepared the easier it becomes to deal with difficult situations in investor negotiations.

With our guide you’ll quickly learn how you can improve negotiation results and reverse the knowledge-imbalance.

Try our new email course!

Introduction to Investor Readiness

Sign up for our free introductory course to learn more about:

  • Approaching investors
  • Strategy for market, team and product
  • Financial plan
  • Start-up valuation and cash need

In each email we’ll introduce the most important concepts, ideas and terminology you’ll need to master to become investor ready.

Additionally you’ll have a chance to try out your new knowledge by working on an assignment that will help you put theory into practice.

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