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Investor-Readiness Goes Digital with virtual:labs

It’s the end of the year and being an entrepreneur, you probably have already started to plan ahead for 2019. Thinking about what you want to achieve, sharpening your strategies and planning new projects. If 2019 is the year for finding an investor for your startup, we might have a little something for you.


Websites full of content are great, but…

…let’s be honest: are you really going to work through all the available material? Typical startup business websites or blogs are full of long articles with lots of details. While knowing the details is of course important, reading online through dense and complicated text is rather tiresome and not much fun.

Another common problem is, that all those details can quickly become confusing. It’s easy to lose sight of the overall process and get stuck: Where should you start, what documents do you really need to prepare and how do all the different topics related to each other?

Wouldn’t it be great if someone would simply ?explain the basics and the whole process so you can fill in the details later?

Yes, it would! This is exactly what we did with our new virtual:lab series on!

What is a virtual:lab?

A virtual:lab is the combination of three elements:

  1. A short video, in which we explain one part of the the investor-readiness process.
  2. The content on our platform. Everything we talk about in the videos is available on our key2investors platform. You can focus on the big ideas while watching the video and read up on the details when you are ready to start on your own.
  3. A live Q&A session. After having worked on a topic you might have some additional questions or maybe you simply want to get some feedback on the things you did. This is what the live Q&As with our startup expert Petra are for.

All of this combined in one neat package: When you purchase one of the virtual:lab packages, you get the video, full access to our key2investors platform and a 60 min live Q&A session.

Here’s a short trailer to give you an impression of what a virtual:lab looks like:

Available virtual:labs

Currently (December 2018) we have virtual:labs for these three topics available.

  1. Get your startup investor ? ready. Perfect for getting an overview of the whole investor-readiness process.
  2. Startup Funding: Where to start and what to prepare. Ideal for founders who are ready for action and want to get started with their preparation.
  3. The Venture Capital Method in practice. Learn when and how to use the venture capital method for calculating a valuation for your start-up.


Find trailers for each of the virtual::labs on our?website!


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