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Understanding startup valuation: How to prepare for your first investor meeting

As my mother always said, “It takes money to make money.” But particularly for early-stage startups, it can be difficult to tell investors exactly why…

Investor-Readiness Goes Digital with virtual:labs

It's the end of the year and being an entrepreneur, you probably have already started to plan ahead for 2019. Thinking about what you want…

5 Actions for Female Founders When Raising Venture Capital

“Too few female-led startups are getting investor-funded” – when this message kept coming up in various startup blogs and websites in the last few weeks…

How to Write the Perfect Investment Proposal

The short answer? By putting in the effort and preparing well. Sorry if we just spoiled all the fun and excitement, but our consulting experience has…

Startup Valuation Resources

Early-stage startup valuation can be challenging. When it comes to selecting the right valuation method there is no single best choice. Different people – including investors…

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Resources for becoming Investor-Ready

In this post you'll find a list of resources about marketing, fundraising and other topics founders and entrepreneurs should know about when they want to…

Startup Marketing Resources

How to create a good marketing strategy for your startup Creating a good marketing strategy for your startup is an important part of making your…

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Are ICOs the future of startup funding?

Do Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) lead to quicker and easier funds for startups or are they yet another hype that is not going to last? Fact is that the startup funding landscape has changed significantly and within the last few years startups have been raising money via ICOs at impeccable speed. In June 2017, ICO funding had actually reached more than 550 million USD, being the first month ever surpassing business angel and VC funding. But every funding possibility has its pros and cons. This article aims at analyzing startup funding via ICOs and comparing them with raising capital from VCs and business angels. ICOs appear to be the fastest way to finance a startup but is it true and is it for you? We discuss the main criteria to take into consideration when deciding, as well as whether this is a black-and-white story.
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